About the Artist

For 35 years in my ‘previous life’ I was a scale model miniaturist, designing and building three dimensional settings for museums and private collectors. A great many of my pieces are in the Miniature Museum of Taiwan. I was the sole subject of two books; “Interior Design in Miniature, Brooke Tucker Originals” and “Brooke Tucker’s Golden Christmas”. I retired from the business in 2007 wondering what could possibly capture my imagination, passion and attention. Within the past year I have finally found “IT”!!

I have always been fascinated with dimensional work. I tried my hand at forming 3-D elevations and found that I needed help in creating something handmade from something clearly ‘home made’. A wonderful friend who is skilled in every aspect of the creative process shared her time and skill with me.

From the moment that she opened that world to me, I have been joyful every single day! Finding original fashion plates to work from and learning about the many artists who drew them, made each day a challenge. I found I could incorporate my miniature “The Brooke Look” into the use of paper patterns and prints.

Growing up on the back lots and soundstages of Hollywood as the daughter of actor Forrest Tucker, opened my world of interest in fashion and history of another era. I hope that whenever someone owns a piece of my work it will give them as much pleasure as it has for me in creating it.