3D Framed Works of Art

What are “Elevations”?

Artist, author and acclaimed miniaturist Brooke Tucker has created her own collection of “Elevations”, three-dimensional works of art, beautifully matted and framed by hand.

“I call my art ‘Elevations’ because they’re created by hand, cutting as many as 6 or 7 layers of the same subject and then building a portion of each figure on top of the other,” Brooke explains. “Some figures or subjects will have 2 or 3 layers while others will have 7 ultimately. I start with the subject or item in the background and build forward towards the viewer so that there is complete dimension to the work or scene I am creating.”

3-Dimensional Artwork

Fashion, Romance and Past Eras

Aside from architectural terminology, elevations stem from the centuries-old art technique of decoupage. One would finely cut out a subject, glue it to something and then coat it with many layers of varnish to achieve a layered effect.

“In the beginning I was focused on creating Victorian fashion artwork and from there I progressed to Art Deco pieces,” Brooke says. “I realized that I was addressing a limited market for my work so I am now branching out with scenes including children and trendier fashion pieces that bring a modern flair to the art. I borrow the illustrated artwork created by people I most admire and try to give it a slightly different slant in this three-dimensional format.”

Please browse the gallery to view and purchase these pieces and check back often for new work!